Skew-Whiff with Dr. Joseph & Kavan (Midnight Shift) on KMAH Radio

March 25, 2023

Skew-Whiff with Dr. Joseph welcomes an exclusive guest mix from the Midnight Shift label boss, Kavan. Behind many unique and inspired releases, the techno and experimental label celebrates its fifth anniversary this year with killer tracks from The Hacker, Marco Bernardi, Hodge and more pushing the boundaries yet again. Music to send you truly Skew-Whiff. Dr. Joseph jumps in from 50 minutes with an EBM and acid infusion.”

Kavan: 0-50 mins

1. Harmonious Thelonious – Abstract Painting 114-115_3#03 (Loop)
2. Darren Nye – Plasmid Soul
3. Dude Energy – Renee Running
4, Jun Kimata – Two Billion Light-Years Of Silence
5. Chris Carrier – Wicked Night
6. Mark Du Mosch – Captain Bligh
7. Brenecki – Unknown (forthcoming on Natural Sciences)
8. Unknown – Unknown
9. Umwelt – Density 4
10. Brenecki – Unknown (forthcoming on Midnight Shift)
11. Gramrcy + Leibniz – Unknown (forthcoming on Midnight Shift)
12. Hodge & Gramrcy – Barnohl
13. John Heckle – Unknown
14. Harmonious Thelonious – I Found A New Way Of Loving You
15. Jamal Moss presents JAI MAHL – #ICU (forthcoming on Midnight Shift)

DR. Joseph
Tracklist to follow.