Skew-Whiff with Dr. Joseph & Ireen Amnes (Under My Feet/Koodeta) on KMAH Radio

March 25, 2023

Skew-Whiff with Ireen Amnes & myself on KMAH Radio is now available for download. Turbulent, distorted & utterly hectic vibrations, expertly selected and deftly mixed by London’s rising techno star. Ireen takes the reigns for the first hour, kicking off with her own exceptional record ‘Protest Against a War of Denial” before plummeting into darker shades of techno, indsutrial and beyond. I do my best to stay on board the trip down the gutter for the second hour, adding further lashings of noisy techno, looming breaks & raucous electro. Track-list for the first hour from Ireen is included, mine is to follow.

Many thanks to Ireen Amnes for her incredible contribution. I am really proud to be hosting this mix from an inspiring techno force.

Ireen Amnes (0-60 minutes):
Ireen Amnes – Protest Against a War
Years of Denial – Tetu
Phase fatale – the size of god
Morah – Sirines
Flaminia – Anitya
Orphx – Blood in the Streets
Veil of Light – Medusa (Blush Response Rmx)
Vatican Shadow – Monotheism and Zarqa
Adam X – Downbursts
Teste – The wipe revisions (Terence Fixmer remix)
Vittorio Di Mango – Epilessia
Blush Response – Infinite Dread
Deet Palace – Time Flushing You
Belief Defect – Slipping Away
La Fete Triste – inkosenquent

Dr. Joseph (60-120 mins):
Dr. Joseph (60-120 mins)
Headless Horseman – Follower
Killawatt – Mate Choice
Phase Fatale – Beast
UMWELT – Hooverrun
Sawf – Menete (Yuji kondo remix)
Clouds – Dread Networks (Perc remix)
Scalameriya & Envoy – VSK
The Ghost That Walks – Day Of The Freaks
Surgeon – Anti-inferno