Skew-Whiff with Dr. Joseph & Akanbi (GROOVT GROOVY), 12.5.18, KMAH Radio.

March 25, 2023

40 minutes of utterly exceptional DJ prowess from Akanbi. I first came to discover Andrew Akanbi‘s music after Resident Advisor gave him the below glowing review after he played Sustain-Release Festival last year. This was further supported by previous Backdrop guest & now friend, Stenny, who said he was also a real highlight of his time at the festival. I am totally over the moon that Akanbi has joined Ireen AmnesKavan SpruytOcean LamPercy MainBlasha & AllattEthyl and more on my Skew-Whiff KMAH Radio residency. I jump in after 40 minutes to try and keep pace with his raucous rhythms.

“When you find yourself at a party that bills artists according to their sound rather than their popularity, you realize how much is lost at bigger events, where acts tend to play in ascending order of fame. On the first night of Sustain-Release, the last set in the Bossa stage—arguably the best slot of the night—went to Akanbi, a Nigerian DJ based in New York who throws a party called Groovy Groovy. For me, he was the discovery of the weekend. Minor Science’s excellent “Volumes” set the tone for a set that explored the outer reaches of club rhythms, swerving between mutant beats that defied categorization and the occasional bit of searing techno. A bit like Objekt or Call Super, he seemed unhampered by genre or tempo, easily navigating through a vast range of sounds in the course of his two hours. As the end neared, the tempo quickened, setting the stage for a finale that had the frenzied crowd pouring out their last ounce of energy: Tshetsha Boys’ “Nwapfundla.” ” (RA)