Field Maneuvers 023 : Dr. Joseph

March 25, 2023

As an audial explorer across the outer edges of sound, Backdrop co-founder Dr. Joseph is the purveyor of all things brooding and electronic in the north of England; looking towards the deep, machine driven funk of Detroit and the dark, atmospheric techno/electro.

Alongside Simon, Hester & Fraser, Backdrop has become the underground’s Angel of the North, inviting Helena Hauff, Ben UFO, Objekt, Tama Sumo and Prosumer to their world and promising ‘muscular music for late night dancing’ to all. Staying true to dance music’s roots Backdrop’s free parties held in the expanse of Ouseburn valley give us at Field Maneuvers a run for our money, while its podcast series & Dr. Josephs “Skew Whiff” KMAH Radio show continues to showcase electronic music’s next wave month after month. for more. As we journey ever closer towards September Dr. Joseph’s addition to the Field Maneuvers mix series is one designed for the after-hours; an hour-long foray into the hypnotic.

Dr Joseph: “This mix is made up of some rancid acid records that I have loved forever, a few wonky gems from a deep dig in Tokyo, plus a haul from my recent Berlin pilgrimage to Hard Wax & The Ghost. This fusion of deep & trippy techno with wilder acid and electro is what I really crave when on the floor. I am pushing for those heads down & sweaty stompers, mind-melting & bat-s*** crazy diversions with some transcendent, eyes-closed moments.

Having had the absolute joy of watching Jane Fitz, Helena Hauff & Objekt play for our Backdrop party recently, I have been inspired and educated by these bold & unique DJs. If i manage to capture a fraction of their energy in this mix, while carving my own sound & style, I will be totally chuffed. Thank you to Jane & Jade for the invite to their Field Moves tent this year, it sure to be a proper dancing session.”

FM023: Dr Joseph
1. Mumm – Cell Phone (Stilleben Records)
2. Dynarec – Haptic Trance (Nocta Numerica Records)
3. Dynarec – Safe Scouting Guide (Electrix records)
4. Jaquarius – Acid Bedroom (Mazy Remix) (Acid Avengers)
5. Terrace – The Scream (12” version) (Rawax)
6. Xenogears – Golden Retriever (Pushmaster Discs)
7. Mumm – Star (Stillben Records)
8. Balance of terror – Toxic TV (Hard Wax)
9. Varg – Heroine I (CK) (Northern Electronics)
10. Dynarec – Press P (Nocta Numerica records)
11. Nowakowski – Stateunknwn (Arkajo Remix) (Bror Records)
12. Daniel Avery – A Mechanical Sky (DJ Kicks)
13. Kessel Vale – Velebit (Rhythm Nation)
14. ABoutFace – Hazy Path to Misunderstanding (Tin Man Remix) (Dark Matters)
15. Varg (6) W/ Chloé Wise – Forever 21 / Valium- (Northern Electronics)