DSNT Podcast 092 – Dr. Joseph (Backdrop/Skew-Whiff)

March 25, 2023

“Although not yet sweating it out at a DSNT party myself, I know that much like us at Backdrop in Newcastle, you like it to bang hard from the get go. We similarly have to make the most of our short licensing hours and I recorded this while sorting through my records in preparation to open for Dax J recently. Thanks for having me join this killer series you have going, I look forward to getting over there one day soon. Your party looks absolutely fucking mad and is an inspiration really!”

Giant Swan – IFTLOYL
Umwelt – Hooverrun
Sawf- Menete (Yuji kondo Remix)
Clouds – Dread Networks (Perc Remix)
Geistform – Cyclotron
Radon – These Hidden Hands
Adam X – Skizophrenix
Ayarcana – That Means Nothing
Regis – The Black Freighter
Vitalic – La Rock
Vitalic – Poney Part 1
Vitalic – Prefer Cocaine
Dynamo City – One Night In Hackney